Primary Understanding On Visa Indonesia, What Kind Of Visa You Need to Acquire and How to Get in Right Way

Visa Indonesia

You have some different solutions for your visa for Indonesia. You come along to think well ahead how long you like to stay in Indonesia, then you can make a decision which visa you prefer.

In June 2015, Indonesia relaxed the visa rules. This makes it available for 30 countries - including Dutch and Belgians - to receive a free visa for thirty days.

Previously you could get a Visa On Arrival on arrival. You had to pay this in cash, usually after standing in line for a while. This is therefore no more necessary! (* if you meet the conditions below). You will now receive a free Indonesia visa for thirty days. Although, this is no longer extendable locally, so within Thirty Days you really have to leave the country.

If you choose to stay longer than 30 days you can buy a Visa On Arrival upon arrival, this can be extended once again for thirty days.

Rules visa exemption

There are a few requirements for the visa exemption for Indonesia:

As with any country, you must have a passport that is valid for at least another six months.

You must have clear evidence that you will leave Indonesia in 30 days. A return ticket or transit ticket that falls within thirty days suffices for this.

This only applies to travellers. So not if you are going to do an internship there. Even if you go on family visits and stay overnight where you are not eligible.

You are only suited for a visa waiver if you enter the country through one of the designated corridor gates. These were first just a few airports and ports, but now it is possible for almost every important airport. Certainly the better-known airports.

Stay in Indonesia for beyond 30 days.

If you like to travel more than 30 days through Indonesia, you have 2 options. Option 1 is to buy a VOA . Where the free visa is only possible at the above access ports, you can purchase a Visa On Arrival at almost every access point in Indonesia.

A VOA costs you $ 35 for 30 days. These thirty days can be expanded once for another thirty days so you can stay in Indonesia for sixty days. Prolonging your visa is done at some of the immigration offices. These are found in popular destinations such as Yogyakarta and Bali.

The other, a more accessible option is to get a tourist visa before you leave. You may do this online, but it is easy. In Indonesia, you also do not waste time visiting an immigration office. You can get your visa in Indonesia via the Dutch E-Visa, a professional party with a lot of experience.


You pay a fine of 300,000 Indonesian Rupiah per day that you stay in the country for longer than your visa allows. Staying a few days longer is not a problem wherever you pay the fine. Yet, a longer overstay of your visa in Indonesia is not encouraged, anyway, it is still a crime.

Make an application for a visa upfront

If you know before that you need to stay in Indonesia for more than 30 days, it may be useful to apply for your visa in the Netherlands. You can make an application for different visas at the Indonesian Embassy.

For example, you can getting a visa for sixty days or a visa for a longer period if you wish to work or study in Indonesia Do not neglect to bring the usual things, like your passport, printed info about your flight ticket and a passport photo. A more worry-free - but slightly more expensive - choice is to use a visa agent.

Business Visa Indonesia.

Yet another good solution is to get Business Visa.

Business Visa for Bali is a multiple-entry visa, meaning that it will allow you get in or out of Indonesia for as much as you may need. Nonetheless, one point to be thought about, Business Visa only lets you to stay maximum for 60 days per visit.


BALI PRIME is a visa office that specializes in providing visas for BALI. From the years of experience of BALI PRIME and the good networks they have built up during that period, they manage to offer their services at a reasonable cost. BALI PRIME aims to offer an excellent service. By doing this, they always aim to help their customers personally and provide advice.


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